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Adlib fashion, “wear what you want, but do it with style”

“Ad Libitum” is an expression that when translated into English, means “with freedom”. This is exactly what Ibiza’s Adlib fashion is about: dressing with freedom.


Origins of the Adlib fashion


Adlib dresses are a trend influenced by the hippy movement, as well as the Ibiza clothing that was promoted by Smila Mihailovitch in the 70s. This exceptional woman, Yugoslavian by birth, coined the motto “wear what you want, but do it with style”. Smila arrived on the island of Ibiza in the mid-1960s, right in the heyday of the tourism boom. She is considered the Pityusic “princess”. She immersed herself in the Ibiza way of life and defended it, and she saw the potential of Ibiza’s fashion both economically and in terms of its tourism.


Simple but elegant style


The history of Adlib clothing has always been associated with Ibiza boho clothes. Together, this made Ibiza style clothes casual and trendy, yet at the same time elegant, influenced by light clothing and simple accessories. They were designed with one main goal: for women to be conscious of their bodies and dress both freely and comfortably, but most importantly, elegantly.

The simplicity of Ibiza’s fashion is perhaps the reason behind its triumph in terms of style. Items like Ibiza’s white dress are garments that everyone should have at the back of their wardrobe. It features dresses designed using natural fabrics, hand-stitched embroidery, ruffles and lace, with white being creations’ dominant colour.


Adlib fashion, today


Adlib fashion or Ibiza fashion hasn’t only been around the world, but has also stood the test of time. Today, after more than 45 years, it remains in full motion, conserving the essence of its forms and philosophy, but with revamped designs. Every year the designs are put on show during Ibiza Fashion Week, an event that took place for the first time in 1971, coinciding with the arrival of the hippy world to Ibiza.

Take advantage of your trip to Ibiza and visit one of the best Adlib shops: Charo Ruiz’s shop, located in Santa Eulalia, in our Aguas de Ibiza hotel. In this well-known designer’s shop you will also find style consultations for customers and brides.