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New season, new autumn flavours in Ibiza

The change of weather and season also bring change to the autumn flavors of Ibiza.

With the advent of the cold months also come new flavours to the island’s tables, for autumn offers a wide variety of dishes and fruits we can’t enjoy during spring and summer.

In autumn, restaurants change their menus, adapting them to the local products of the season and offering the most appropriate flavours for this time of the year. And we shouldn’t worry about where to eat in ibiza, for there are many restaurants that open on these dates.

Below we recommend some restaurants where you can wine and dine if you visit Ibiza in autumn.


Es Pins


Located in the area of Sant Llorenç is this Ibizan cuisine restaurant. If you want to discover the true taste of Ibiza, in the restaurant Es Pins you will be able to discover the best Ibizan dishes filled with pure seasonal flavour. Apple rice, sofrit pagès or roast lamb shoulder casserole are some of the dishes you must try in this place.


Fonda Pou des Lleó


The restaurant Fonda Pou des Lleó is one of the most traditional restaurants of Santa Eulalia de Río you can visit during the autumn months. Their rice or delicious bullit de peix are some of the traditional dishes you have to try if you visit Ibiza in autumn.


Ca n’Alfredo


A classic if ever there was one, the restaurant Ca n’Alfredo, located in the center of Eivissa, does not only stand out for its traditional dishes, but also for its exquisite seasonal recipes. Among their seasonal dishes we’d like to highlight their delicious almond sauce or their vegetable cuinat.


Ca’s Pagès


As if it were a family home, the restaurant Ca’s Pagès in Sant Carles de Santa Eulalia del Río is the perfect place in which to enjoy a rich variety of grilled meat. Among the wide variety of dishes offered on its menu, the “slaughterhouse” rice or the sofrit pagès are both especially noteworthy.

These are some of the restaurants where you can eat in Ibiza if you visit the island in autumn. However, you will be able to find many charming restaurants in Ibiza. We’ll be waiting for you at Aguas de Ibiza at the turn of the season with the best dishes and flavours so that you won’t have to miss a single nuance of the flavours of Ibiza