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The best fish restaurants in Ibiza

The ambience, the food and the service are some of the important factors you take into account when at a restaurant. The price is too, but if you’ve enjoyed the food and had good service, you’ll be happy with the bill.

There’s an abundance of seafood restaurants in IbizaThe quality of the fish on the island of Ibiza is exceptional, so, if you fancy eating some fish and seafood, you’re definitely in the perfect place.

A few years ago, the brand Peix Nostrum was established in order to help the consumer identify the island’s fish. Ibiza’s fish is tagged so that it’s possible to differentiate between the island’s own produce and its imports. This initiative also favours sustainability.

Species such as Ibiza’s local lobster are valuable delicacies that should be protected. That’s why lobster fishing around the Balearic Islands is only permitted during 5 months of the year. Thanks to this sustainable fishing, Balearic lobster isn’t an endangered species, as is the case in other parts of the Mediterranean.

In this post, we’ve selected some of the best fish restaurants in Ibiza for you. At these restaurants, you’ll be able to taste some of Ibiza’s best-known and tastiest local fish dishes, like its local fish stew.


Sa Nansa


This specialist seafood restaurant is located on the well-known Avenida 8 de Agosto, in the city of Ibiza. Rumour has it that it has the best rice dishes on the island.


Es Nàutic


You’ll find this restaurant at the Sant Antoni de Portmany boating club, right on the seafront, characterised by its unique architecture. In addition to being able to try some fantastic dishes, you’ll almost feel as though you’re eating on a boat.




This restaurant is in the San José de la Talaia area in Ibiza. Its star dishes are bullit de peix and fried calamari. The restaurant also has a terrace where you can sit and enjoy the island’s unique landscape.


The Fish Shack


Authentic beach bar on Ibiza’s coastline where you can eat top quality fresh fish, just a few metres from the water’s edge.

Last but not least, we encourage you to try the luxury restaurants at hotel Aguas de Ibiza in Santa Eulalia. You’ll love them!