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Interview with Sergi Arola, innovation for the palate

Born in Barcelona in 1968, Sergi Arola is one of our country’s most innovative chefs.

With their distinctive flavours and subtle presentations, the dishes made by chef Sergi Arola stand out for their originality and refinement.

Among Sergi Arola’s restaurants, we have to highlight the Vi Cool luxury restaurant in Ibiza, a restaurant you can find in our hotel Aguas de Ibiza and that preserves the same line as the other Vi Cool restaurants; Vi Cool Huertas and Vi Cool Lagasca. Located in Santa Eulalia, Vi Cool is a concept that gives us a glimpse of his most freewheeling side, as he transforms traditional mediterranean cuisine into an explosion of reinvented flavors.

In the following chef interview we learn more about him and discover the reasons behind the creation of his Vi Cool concept.


Q. Is cooking passion or profession?

A. A very professional passion


Q. As a child you already modified homemade recipes. Was it then that you realised you had to dedicate your life to cooking?

A. Not at all. I realised during the crisis of the Eighties, when I had to start working in order to help at home.


Q. You have been working in the field of cooking for 30 years. Which is your favourite memory?

A. None, really… they are like your children; you love them all.


Q. What is Vi Cool for you?

A. Vi Cool by Sergi Arola means much more than simply ‘be cool.’ It is gastronomy; it is oenology (as indicated by the ‘Vi’, the first syllable of ‘vino’ – wine in Spanish); it is good service; and, yes, it is also pretty and it attracts beautiful people, because it is cool. In other words, it is the perfect space in which to enjoy a simple and informal meal filled with intense flavors in good company.


Q. The Ibiza Vi Cool restaurant stands out for its traditional, reinterpreted and modern tapas Sergi Arola. Why choose this style for a hotel like Aguas de Ibiza?

A. Because it follows the same line as the rest, it is a Vi Cool. But this one has an added concept: the location is magical.


Q. Which do you consider to be the signature dish of Vi cool?

A. The patatas bravas Sergi Arola, because they are without a doubt a benchmark of my cooking and in Vi Cool specifically they are never missing from any order, just like the homemade, thin and crunchy coca-pizzas, which are made with organic flours and irresistible toppings.