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What retreat should I choose for my next holiday?

When we choose a holiday destination the hotel we stay in is important but other factors also make a difference when deciding between one place and another, gastronomy is one of those factors.


Fortunately, Ibizan gastronomy is truly tasty and based mainly on using ingredients like fish and seafood in the dishes, this comes naturally with the islands’ connection to the sea.


The gastronomy highlights the culture and history of the island, and that’s why even these days, in Ibizan Mediterranean cuisine, there are still some traditional dishes alongside other more modern ones with local food and the Mediterranean playing a key role.


If you’re looking for local dishes prepared with fresh fish there are a lot of seafood restaurants in Ibiza specialised in Mediterranean cooking for you to discover. Among them, we can’t go without mentioning our restaurants in Ibiza to delight your taste buds, such as Óligo Madeinterranean where you can taste a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes, the Albastro Lounge for enjoying the best fresh fish or Vi Cool by Sergi Arola where fried mint curry prawns are the star attraction.


If you want to get to know traditional Ibizan cooking, you’ll also find many other traditional restaurants. We recommend you try the “bullit de peix” also known in Ibiza as guisat de peix, a dish prepared with Mediterranean fish, potatoes, grouper, megrim, ray, swordfish, lobster, prawns and other fish and seafood served with allioli. Another typical dish is “Borrida de Rajada“, prepared with ray, potatoes, eggs, parsley, garlic, fried bread, toasted almonds and olive oil, a perfect combination of flavours that create a special dish. They’re definitely two Mediterranean fish stews that you have to try during your stay in Ibiza.


Enjoying a delicious appetiser or dinner in Ibiza while you look out on the sea becomes an unforgettable experience when you try these delights the sea allows us to taste.


If you’re passionate about gastronomy you can’t miss out on trying our Mediterranean cuisine. If you’ve already made your reservation for Hotel Aguas de Ibiza and you still don’t know which the best fish restaurants in Ibiza are in order to enjoy these delights from the sea, don’t hesitate to ask at our concierge service and we’ll give you personalised service to help you choose.


Image Source: Ibiza5sentidos