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What retreat should I choose for my next holiday?

Your best friend is getting married and you want to give her something special but you can’t think of anything that will make her feel that way. There are a lot of original wedding gifts out there but you’re looking for that unforgettable one.

Speak to her and try to get as much information as possible in order to choose the best friend’s gifts. There are a lot of wedding gifts that, although material, are essential and will definitely have sentimental value for her.

If you are looking for wedding present ideas below we’ll give you some tips:


Bridal Shoes


Even though they’re a very personal gift, they are essential and she’s sure to love them. We recommend letting the bride herself choose them herself, so set a date and enjoy a morning shopping for bridal wedding shoes.


Photo Session


If you want to have a great time with your friend, a photo session together could be an unforgettable gift. Choose a location with great memories or an idyllic place which could be any corner of Ibiza, free yourselves from your inhibitions and enjoy a photographic report that will be a lasting memory.


Brunch and a day of shopping


Make her feel special and invite her to a day for just the two of you. Get ready with a brunch in our hotel and continue your day by going shopping. It’s the perfect moment to choose the gifts that she needs. An outfit of lingerie, a night gown or even bridal headdresses are some of the accessories that will be helpful on the day of her wedding.


Beauty and Spa Session


Continuing the day for the two of you, there’s no better present for the bride than a beauty session. In the Spa of the Hotel Aguas de Ibiza we’ll make sure the day is unforgettable. Reserve a lunch or dinner and combine it with a session in the spa. Enjoy the circuit and combine it with a massage or perhaps even a manicure, hair styling or any other treatment.

Now do you know your gift for the bride? These are some of the ideas than you can consider. In Aguas de Ibiza we know how important weddings are and that’s why we want you both to feel special during every part of them and we offer a section on weddings in Ibiza so you can enjoy the best day of your lives.