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The wonders of horse riding in nature

If you feel like doing something different, we suggest a horseback route along some of the beautiful paths that crisscross the island of Ibiza. Imagine horse riding on the beach or through the forest.


Horse riding is an activity that brings you closer to nature


It allows you to enjoy beautiful spaces in a different way, and it is also an excellent form of sport. At the hotel Aguas de Ibiza we can help you organise this activity.


Horses are incredible animals


Being in contact with them will awaken endless sensations in you. Learn to trust them and to feel how they can transport you safely and comfortably while you ride them.

Don’t worry if you haven’t ridden many horses before – an adequate horse and route will be chosen to suit your level. On the other hand, if you are a riding expert, you can also opt for harder routes on which you can gallop and trot to visit special corners.

Fun fact: horses are the mammals with the biggest eyes, and they have 360º vision. If you feel uneasy about horse riding, hopefully this information will help you feel more secure while riding these strong noble animals.


Participate in this unique experience


Ibiza Horse Valley is an NGO that organises horse riding routes in Ibiza that will take you to spectacular places. You will discover how horse riding is about much more than just climbing on and letting it take you for a ride; it also consists in learning how to brush or saddle it. Horses are social animals and this is a wonderful way to establish a bond with them and begin to trust one another.

Horse riding in Ibiza has the advantage of being an activity you can practice all year round thanks to the island’s excellent weather. In summer, outings are mostly held first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the heat is more bearable. In autumn the weather is more pleasant and schedules, more flexible.

Put a tick next to horse riding on your bucket list; it is an experience well worth living at least once in a lifetime, not only for being in contact with animals, but also for the views you can enjoy during the ride.