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What retreat should I choose for my next holiday?

The decoration, the location, the environment… it all counts when choosing a charming hotel. Many are the factors that we have to take into account when deciding where to stay, be it while on holiday or for a brief escapade.

As time goes by, more and more people are looking for something alternative, a hotel with a differencein which to stay and enjoy a unique time in Ibiza. That is why here we want to list some things you should take into account when choosing your charming hotel in Ibiza.


The environment


Tranquility, beaches and nature are some of the key factors for choosing a boutique hotel in Ibiza.

A calm Ibiza does exist, one where the sea, the fields and the city blend to offer visitors the best of stays. In the hotel Aguas de Ibiza, thanks to its location in Santa Eulalia, you can enjoy the best environment you could wish for.


The decoration


An exquisite decoration where innovation and comfort combine to offer guests an inspiring atmosphere. The architecture is another important protagonist when choosing a design hotel in Ibiza.

The innovative concept blends with a unique construction that makes this space unique.


Personalised service


Because not all guests are the same, we offer a personalised service for every client, guaranteeing an exclusive service.

Our main concern is your comfort, regardless of how big our hotel may be, for our main objective is to make you feel unique during your stay.


Exclusive concierge service


Do you want to enjoy a privileged stay in Ibiza? We will make sure your escapade becomes an unforgettable journey. That is why we want to offer you an exclusive concierge service with which we can offer you alternatives that adapt perfectly to your holiday plan, and also help solve any doubts you may have.


Pool in the afternoon


Enjoy the island’s sun in our pool on our flat roof, an ideal place from which to contemplate the sunset.

If you are also looking for absolute relax and wellbeing, don’t forget to visit our spa: a place where relax takes over you.

These are only some aspects to take into account when choosing your boutique hotel in Ibiza. In Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle & Spa we know how important they are. That is why we offer you each and every one of them in order to make your stay unforgettable.