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Ibiza wineries: pleasures for the palate

Among the many secrets harboured by the island of Ibiza, there is one capable of conquering the palates of even the most demanding: its wines.

Many are the charms that make Ibiza one of the favourite destinations of a wide variety of people, and although some may know it for its landscapes, beaches or parties, Ibiza wine is one of the greatest luxuries left by the Phoenicians during their time on the Pityusic Island.

Red, white, sparkling… you will be able to find many types of wine during your visit to the island, a visit that will leave you with the best possible aftertaste.

Among the different wineries that can be found on Ibiza, today we’ll tell you about the ones we think you cannot miss.


Sa Cova


The Sa Cova Ibiza winery is not only one of the most iconic wineries, but also the very first, created in the year 1990. Located in Sant Mateu, this winery elaborates rosé, red and white wines and also offers wine tasting in Ibiza.


Can Rich


Rosé, white, red, sparkly and even herb liqueurs and oils are some of the products you will find at Can Rich Ibiza, located in San Antonio de Portmany. This winery is considered one of the biggest of the island due to its 20 hectares of crops.


Ibizkus Wine


Ibizkus Wine is one of the most renowned wineries in Ibiza, for its wine it elaborated with locally-grown grapes that turn this product into a high quality wine. They make reds, rosés and whites and you can find them in the most exquisite venues on the island.


Can Maymó


Not only one of the first wineries of Ibiza, but also one of the most famous. Can Maymó is located in San Mateu, near the aforementioned Sa Cova, and it’s a small family winery that has slowly made itself a name as a must.

Gastronomy, traditional Ibizan liqueurs and even popular festivities are what make the island a unique, magical and highly cultural place. At Aguas de Ibiza we are proud of our island and that is why at our restaurants in Ibiza you’ll find traditional products of the island to enjoy the true flavor of Ibiza. Come discover it!