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Ibizan salt, a Mediterranean spectacle

In the warm sunshine and with the sea awaiting, you can find the white gold of the Mediterranean, Ibiza salt, shining.


Sea salt is also one of the largest naturally produced food products, an essential part of our daily lives and synonymous with luxury. It has stood the test of time, dating back to the Romans and Phoenicians.


Over time and thanks to its importance to our society, Ibizan salt has become a seasoning capable of immersing us in a sea of Mediterranean flavour sensations just by tasting it. This is definitely a emblematic of both Ibizan cooking and many other aspects of daily life.


In Ibiza we can boast having our own salt, sea salt with its own name, Sal de Ibiza. Sun-dried, ground with ancient stone and found within the Natural Reserve “Parc de Ses Salines”, we can find the Ibizan salt mines which supply the island’s houses and restaurants as well as those in many other parts of the world with it. 100% natural salt which engages the 5 senses of anyone who tries it.


There are many sea salt benefits but among the greatest is the wonderful taste it leaves in your mouth. On your trip to Santa Eulalia don’t miss out on trying it. Since this natural protect is so beloved it can also be found as an ingredient in dishes featured at our Ibizan restaurants.


However, the flor de Ibiza salt is not only used in gastronomy but thanks to its unique properties, it is also great for beauty care. This is why, among the various treatments at our spa, Clarins adds a beauty treatment based exclusively on natural products from the island. Scrubbing or exfoliation with Ibizan salt is followed up by relaxing bath and then a massage. Endless sensations only the salt can provide.


If you’d like to learn first-hand about this coveted island product, at Aguas de Ibiza we invite you over to our hotel where you can enjoy it as it is meant to be enjoyed, while looking out on the Mediterranean.