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Ibiza's museums: Discover its culture!

If you´re thinking about travelling to fabulous Ibiza and don´t know what to do, don´t worry; you´ve got a wide variety of activities from the idyllic beaches which you can find dotted around the island, to the classiest discos and nightclubs. There are plenty of things to do. However, lots of people staying in our 5 star hotel in Ibiza are looking for something different and that allows them to really get to know the city and the surrounding towns.

Previously, we showed the artists among you the most famous art galleries in Ibiza. Today, we´ve got a guide to the most popular museums in Ibiza.


Centro de Interpretación Madina Yabisa


If you want to take a trip back in time and re-live the Muslim influence from the middle ages, you´ve come to the right place. Madin Yabisa is the old seat and jurisdiction of the courts and one of the power centres of the island. Using the most avant-garde audio-visual technology, you can see what life under Arabic influence was like in the city.


Museo arqueológico de Ibiza


When in Ibiza, this museum is not to be missed. Created in 1907, it´s located in Dalt Vila and Puig des Molins. Here we can find pieces that date back to prehistoric times, from the Phoenicians until the Punic period, as well as being home to lots of interesting information about the origins of Ibiza´s history.


Museo Etnográfico de Ibiza


We continue our museum tour with a very special one. This Ibiza museum shows us what life was like for peasants, as well as their traditions, clothes and tools. Located within an authentic peasant house in Can Ros, it´s typical of the period, and we can also enjoy magnificent views of the island.


Necrópolis Cartaginesas en Ibiza


Declared a World Heritage Site in 1999, the necropolis was once an important part of the city, and camecovered land totalling 5 hectares at its peak. It´s been used in different periods of history, from the Phoenicians to the Romans, and we can find the ruins of tombs and funerary remains from various eras.

Once you discover all of the history hiding on this wonderful island, you can go back to our luxury hotel and enjoy a glass of champagne and a soothing spa session; something that just can´t be beaten.