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In Santa Eulalia you’ll find the only river in the Balearic Islands

The north-eastern part of the island isn’t only one of the most beautiful in Ibiza, it’s also the only place we’ll find a real river. This natural watercourse in Ibiza starts around 15km upstream from Santa Eulalia, with it flowing into the sea at the town. If you stay at our charming boutique hotel in Santa Eulalia, it’s definitely must-see.


Historical importance of the river


Centuries ago, the river was of crucial importance, since it supplied the town with water and was used to irrigate crops in the area. However, it was also needed for powering the flour grinding mills. At Centro de Interpretation del Río de Santa Eulalia Can Planetas one of the hundreds of these watermills can be seen.


Environmental wealth


The wetlands surrounding the river are an ideal ecosystem for certain types of amphibians and birds, and typical Mediterranean wetland plants can also be found there.




You’ll find a path that follows the riverbank, from the mouth to the source, located on Monte Puig d’en Sopes 342 at an altitude of 342 metres. Following the trail means you can enjoy breathtaking landscapes such as Pont Vell and Pont des Molins, a footbridge from the year 1700. If you want to explore more walks in Santa Eulalia del río by the river, there are also other highly recommended trails in the surrounding area.

A river without a name


Oddly the Santa Eulalia river doesn’t have its own name. Paradoxically however, the municipality where the river flows into the sea gets its name in reference to the river, so the town around its mouth is known as Santa Eulalia del Río (Santa Eulalia of the River).


River or ravine?


The fact that the river can dry up in summer, due to insufficient rainfall might lead you to wonder whether it is really a river; indeed, there are those who believe it’s just a ravine. However, that’s a debate we can leave to the experts.

Santa Eulalia is a simply delightfull town, if you want to know more about its culture and traditions we invite you to head there for a visit. What are you waiting for?