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What retreat should I choose for my next holiday?

Being only a few days away from the onset of summer, the moment has arrived to live and enjoy Ibiza in its true form, an Ibiza where its landscape becomes a showcase for many tourists.


Among the many activities and excursions that you can do, there’s one that you can’t miss out on if you want to get to know the island; we are talking about the Nature Reserve of Ibiza, Es Vedra, es Vedranell y els illots de Ponent.


Es Vedra Ibiza is without a doubt a must visit place, and that’s why from our charming hotel in Santa Eulalia we want you to discover a little more about this island near Ibiza and add it to your list of trips to do.


Located in the south-west of the island of Ibiza, the natural park of Es Vedrà, es Vedranell Ibiza y els Illos de Ponent cover approximately 232.7 hectares of land and 564.96 of sea. Without a doubt, it’s a group of small islands that attract more and more tourists due to the charming landscape it offers and thanks to the changing elevation it features you can see some spectacular views truly worthy of being photographed.


If you’re passionate about nature and at the same time you love the sea and everything around it, es Vedra island in Ibiza is a perfect a trip you can use to disconnect on your holiday. If we must highlight one particular aspect of the island, it’s the shape of es Vedrà, which comes out of the sea becoming one of the most emblematic images of Ibiza. Its fauna, including a variety of endemic seabirds, lizards and invertebrates as well as the flora, are the main features of the Nature Reserve.


If you’re wondering how to get to es Vedrà you should know that the only way to get to this group of islands is by sea, so you’ll need a private boat as well as to obtain the necessary permits.


¿Do you want to know more about es Vedrà, es Vedranell y els illots de Ponent ? In the hotel Aguas de Ibiza we want you to enjoy your stay on the island as much as possible, that’s why our concierge service is at your service, which will give you all the information needed on this Nature Reserve and will help you to turn this excursion into an unforgettable experience.