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Summer is right around the corner and many are already planning to start a diet and purify the body to look stunning in the upcoming season.

Day-to-day stress, eating in front of the computer or not practicing sport are only some of the factors that create countless toxins that then cause symptoms that affect our organism. Slow digestions, headaches, weak skin and even fatigue and wrinkles are some of them. All these are clear signs that our organs aren’t working properly, and that is why we must take up a detox plan for a body detoxification.


How to detox?


The main objective of detox plans is to eliminate toxin excesses in order to restore the organism and immunological system. That is why the first thing we must take into account is to change our diet and opt for a purifying one that helps us eliminate liquids, reduce volume, fight cholesterol, decongest our liver and also make our skin look nicer.

Among the foods we must eat, it is important to eliminate chemical and toxic products and substitute them for diuretic foodstuffs rich in water, fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Some of the ones you have to include in your diet are artichokes, pineapples, tomatoes, asparagus and papaya. We recommend you avoid refined salts, coffee, fry-ups, sweets, refined flours and soft drinks.


To carry out the detox programs we also recommend you follow these steps:

- Eat five meals a day.
- Opt for raw, steamed or boiled food.
- Don’t eat fruit alongside your meals.
- Don’t drink too much milk and, if possible, change it for soy milk.
- Avoid too much salt.
- Drink two liters of water a day.  
- Exercise.     


If you want to complete your cleansing diet we recommend you accompany it with detox juices, an essential part of today’s beauty trends that you simply cannot ignore. Plus, there is a wide variety of detox juice recipes available to choose from.


At the Hotel Aguas de Ibiza we carry about your health, and that is why in our Wellness space you will find a spa center with detox programs where we help you find complete mind and body balance and cleanse your body.