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What retreat should I choose for my next holiday?

Someone’s birthday is coming up and this year you want it to be special.

Be it your significant other or your best friend, we are sure she deserves the very best and that is why you want this birthday to be unforgettable, with all sorts of impressive details, and for that there is no better destination than Ibiza.

You can celebrate many special events in Ibiza, and thanks to the wide variety of leisure on offer, celebrating a birthday in Ibiza becomes one of the best options if you are thinking about organising a different birthday party.

There are all sorts of luxury tips for organising a birthday that you can take into account and, since at the hotel Aguas de Ibiza we want your celebration to be unique, below you can find some tips for organising a good Ibiza party.


A laid-back birthday


Your friend deserves it all and there is no better gift than making her feel like the protagonist. Surprise her with one of the treatments you will find in our Revival Spa and relax together in the circuit before wrapping it all up with a manicure, and a hairdressing and makeup session. You will be ready to keep on enjoying the birthday in the Ibizan nightlife.


A birthday at sea


Coming to Ibiza implies surrounding oneself with the sea and enjoying it in the best atmosphere. Hop aboard and enjoy one of the many organised boat trips you will find on the island and celebrate an amazing birthday on the waves.


Music, pool and fun


There are countless hotels and beach clubs that offer services to make your Ibiza birthday unforgettable. If you are looking for fun but in a relaxed atmosphere we recommend you visit our terrace Vi Cool, which has some impressive views of the sea and is thus the perfect space in which to celebrate a birthday and any other event.


The Ibizan nightlife


You can find all sorts of nightclubs and private parties in Ibiza, and they all become the perfect backdrop in which to celebrate a birthday. If you love music and you enjoy this nocturnal atmosphere this will be without a doubt one of the best options to take into account when celebrating your birthday.

Ibiza offers us many alternatives for celebrating a different birthday. Treks through nature, party restaurants and endless alternatives that make Ibiza the perfect place in which to celebrate an unforgettable birthday.