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How to organize the perfect corporate dinner

A meeting, corporate dinner or any type of corporate event requires a minimum level of organisation if you want it to go smoothly. That is why we want to share some tips with you on how to organise a company lunch and make it perfect.


First of all, if we want to attract the largest number of guests possible, we must decide the time and date of the celebration in advance. For that, we will have to make sure it doesn’t coincide with other important events or festivities. Also, if we’re planning a dinner, it’s better if the following day isn’t a work day.


Communicating to the rest of the team how the event will be celebrated is an essential part of organising company events. We must establish a means of communication, be it via e-mail or some type of internal platform. Here, guests can share their opinions or tips with regard to the planning.


Next, the number of guests that will attend the corporate lunch must be established, for that will determine whether to organise it in one place or another. It is also important to define who will be coming to the event and if they are allowed to bring guests.


Deciding where the lunch or dinner will take place is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most important aspects. For that, we must take into account both the number of assistants and the other necessities that may be needed. Thanks to its location, Santa Eulalia is the perfect place for this type of celebrations; choosing a place in which to celebrate a luxury event with a Mediterranean feel is possible at Aguas de Ibiza.


Lastly, the menu must be defined in advance; this way we avoid misunderstandings on the day of the event. Deciding whether it will include a cocktail, how many courses will be served, and even which dishes will compose the menu. It is also important to take into account special menus such as those for vegetarians or people with allergies or intolerances.


At the Hotel Aguas de Ibiza we know how important it is to get this type of events just right, and that is why we offer you the very best spaces and services in order to make celebrating your company event in Ibiza a hit.