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What retreat should I choose for my next holiday?

Santa Eulalia is much more than a holiday destination. It’s a place to relax and get away from it all, whether with a family or a partner. It’s a quiet town and perfect for people looking to stay at a hotel in Santa Eulalia close to everything and without having to travel around a lot.


Where is Santa Eulalia?


Located in eastern Ibiza, Santa Eulalia is the second largest municipality on the island. Thanks to being well-connected, it offers a large variety of activities in the surrounding area.

Whether you get to the island by plane or boat, travel time will be minimal, since Santa Eulalia is well situated and located only 20 km from the Ibiza Airport and 13 km from the sea port. What’s more, thanks to a variety of transport options, you can get around using the one that you find the most convenient. Private transport, taxis, hired cars and even public transport are some of the options for getting from your arrival point to your hotel in Santa Eulalia.

If you want to spend an afternoon in wonderful Ibiza Town you only have to get in your car, and in just 18 minutes you’ll go from one place to another and find yourself walking down whitewashed streets with a great atmosphere.

Charming villages, street markets and a wide selection of beaches such as Figueral, Cala Nova, Cala Boix and many others are just some of the closest spots that you can enjoy in only a few minutes drive. Golf enthusiasts can also have a great time, since the only golf course on whole island is in Santa Eulalia.

Thanks to a plethora of services and businesses located both on the beach and in the town centre, no transport needs to be used. In the area you have everything that you need at your fingertips. There is no better plan than relaxing at our Spa, and in the afternoon going for a lovely walk down by Santa Eulalia’s marina and finishing with an exquisite dinner on the seafront promenade.

Now do you know what you’d like to visit? If you have any questions over the course of your stay, the concierge service at the Aguas de Ibiza Hotel will assist you, giving you the best options for getting to know the most magical spots on the white island.