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Skin care for after summer

Although we’ve been able to enjoy the sun during the months of September and October, summer has finally come to an end and it is time to say goodbye to long sunlight hours.

In summer we expose our skin to the sun for many hours, so it wouldn’t be strange if you forgot how to care for your skin. That is why, once the good weather is over, it is time for skin care after summer.

During the warm months, skin dries and ages more quickly, and the sun causes stains to appear on it. That is why we want to give you some tips for skin care for after summer, so that your skin can look beautiful during winter.




Exfoliation is one of the most basic steps of skin care after summer. It doesn’t only clean, it also eliminates the dead cells and improves both the oxygenation of the skin and the creation of new cells.

A correct skin exfoliation will also improve the skin’s creation of collagen and obtention of water, making hydration easier and the efficiency of later treatments more acute.




Hydrating your skin is essential for your skin to always look beautiful. That is why hydrating your skin after the sun should become a mandatory morning and nighttime exercise.

Moisturizers don’t only help hydrate and nurture your skin, they also allow you to stay tanned for longer. And not only women should take care of their skin; this is also a priority of skin care for men.




Knowing how natural skin care works is one of the main points you will have to take into account. That is why we suggest you start a healthy diet alongside a complete detox program.

detox diet will not only help you have a healthy body but will also eliminate the excess toxins and restore your immune system.

These are sun skin care tips you should put into practice if you want your skin to look stunning this winter. At our hotel with luxurious spa we offer the best beauty treatments to complete your daily routine. Choose yours and enjoy a beautiful skin all year round!