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The best cocktail bars in Ibiza

Ibiza at night offers a gamut of possibilities. There are countless charming bars in Ibiza where you can enjoy the best cocktails.

The views, atmosphere, music and of course the quality of the cocktails are what separates good cocktail bars from the rest. We hope if you visit one of these establishments we go over below it will meet your expectations.


Vi cool cocktail bar


Located on the rooftop of Hotel Aguas de Ibiza, this cocktail bar is one of Santa Eulalia’s bars and provides some spectacular views of the port. The star cocktails at this bar are the Ibiza Sling, the Romero y Julieta and the Gin Atomic. We’re sure that not a single one of them will leave you feeling let down. Vi Cool bar is open every day from 2am in high season. A different kind of place for going outfor a cocktail!



It’s interesting that the bars on stairs are always a success, any proud city should have one of them and of course, Dalta Vila de Ibiza is no exception. S´escalinata is a must-visit place, charismatic and where some truly great tasting cocktails are made. If you’re visiting Ibiza Vila stop by this bar to enjoy the atmosphere, we’re sure you won’t be left feeling disappointed.

Petit vermut


Vermouth is a trendy drink and Ibiza couldn’t be without a vermouth bar with the island being known as the trendiest. Don’t miss out on their specialty “el mojut” drink, which is a mojito made with vermouth. If you aren’t daring enough to try the cocktails you can always enjoy a classic choice, a glass of craft vermouth. If you have never tried it, this is the perfect occasion to do so, furthermore, you’ll be able to thin your drink down using great looking glass spritzer bottles available at the bar.

In addition to all these bars, remember that Ibiza is a beach bar island! What’s better than enjoying a great cocktail on the shore of the sea? It’s true that during winter in Ibiza, most of the bars and nightclubs are closed, but not all of them, going out at night in Ibiza in winter can also be done, and if you like more relaxed evenings, it can be even better.