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Travel packing tips for your trip to Ibiza

Travelling to Ibiza is one of the best pleasures you can indulge in, but we have to admit that knowing how to pack luggage for a trip is one of the most boring obligations of travel.

Here are some tips on how to make a travel bag in which you can fit everything you need.


Check the weather


Before packing your bags, check the weather in your destination; it will help you decide what clothes to take.


Prepare a list


Prepare a summer holiday packing list with everything you’ll need on your journey; it will help you know how to prepare a suitcase and the best way to pack a suitcase, plus you won’t forget anything.




Wearing your most voluminous clothes is one of the most basic packing tips; this will help you save space. Regarding folding clothes: trousers, shirts, leggings and jerseys can all be rolled up in order to take up less room. Lastly, put your belts in your shirt necks to prevent the latter from bending.




Swimwear, flip-flops, a bag for dirty laundry and toiletries are some of the essentials you should always carry in your bag.


Enjoy our products


By staying at our hotel in Santa Eulalia del Río you won’t have to pack many toiletries, for at Aguas de Ibiza you will count with various amenities that will make your stay more comfortable. However, don’t forget your more personal items such as makeup, moisturizers, sunscreen, a hair comb or deodorant.


Don’t fill your bag


One of the best packing tips is to always leave extra room for the things you will buy during your trip to Ibiza.


What to carry?


Always carry hand luggage. There you can pack an extra layer of clothing for unexpected weather, your passport, a small toiletry bag, your cell phone charger and a camera.

Even though everyone has his or her own essentials, these are some holiday packing tips for knowing how to make a suitcase that you shouldn’t forget. Once your luggage is ready, you will be able to disconnect and enjoy our charming hotel in Ibiza.