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Typical Ibizan desserts you have to try

Ibiza is much more than beaches and disconnection; gastronomy in Ibiza also plays a fundamental role and has recently peaked touristic interest.

In previous posts we talked about some typical Ibizan dishes and culinary tradition in Ibiza, but today we want to give special protagonism to those dessert recipes that leave the best taste in our mouths.

There are many traditional desserts in Santa Eulalia del Río and Ibiza in general, but we suggest you try 4 specific desserts during your first visit.




With fresh sheep or goat cheese as its main ingredient, eggs, milk, sugar and mint, flaó is perhaps one of the most traditional desserts of Ibiza.

Nowadays it can be found in any bakery in Ibiza, as well as any café and restaurant. However, it used to only be made on Easter Sundays.




Another of the most typical Ibizan desserts, this type of pudding is made with an ingredient that’s very common on the Balearic Islands: ensaimada pastries.

Along with other ingredients such as eggs, milk, cinnamon, sugar and lemon zest, it results in a delicious and simple dessert worthy of the most demanding palates.


Christmas Sauce


Christmas Sauce is one of the most iconic symbols of both Ibizan Christmas and Ibizan cuisine, and during this time of year you can find this dessert in any Ibizan home.

Although its main ingredient is meat broth, it is mixed with almond sauce, sugar, cinnamon and spices and served alongside a rich “Christmas biscuit” – a truly unique dessert.




No matter what you’re celebrating, orelletes (“little ears”) are present in every party in Ibiza. They are sweet and ear-shaped, as their name indicates, and are made of flour, egg, milk, lard, anise, lemon and sugar.

Despite being a traditional and ubiquitous dessert, there are many restaurants in Ibiza that include it in their menus as a delicatessen.

These are some of the desserts in Ibiza you have to try. At Santa Eulalia, where you can find our restaurant Aguas de Ibiza, you will be able to try some of these desserts in the very best atmosphere. Come discover them for a sweet trip.

And remember, a dessert is always much more than a rich recipe; a dessert is an appetizing complement for which we always save a gap, that last bite we all want to enjoy.