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Interview with the Concierge of Aguas de Ibiza

The illusion of feeling at home or that you aren’t missing a single detail during your stay are part of the answer to the question what does concierge mean.

At Aguas de Ibiza, we want to make your dreams come true, and that is why we offer you vip concierge services, the main objective of which is to help you organize any plan you may want to carry out during your stay in Ibiza.


But do you know what is a concierge service or which are the functions of a concierge? Because we believe the figure of our concierge Ibiza is fundamental, we invite you to find out more about him in the following interview.


Q: What is a concierge, what does a concierge do and what does concierge mean for you?

A: To be a concierge is to man a post with a lot of responsibility, especially because the host expects and trusts all his managements to be handled satisfactorily, and sometimes it’s hard, but always beautiful; it is a great job.


Q: Which are the main concierge duties?

A: Handling the guest’s requests, doubts, etc. It is a very important element of a hotel’s team, and one the client highly appreciates during his stay.


Q: Do you think the concierge service is indispensable in a hotel like Aguas de Ibiza?

A: At Aguas de Ibiza, an exclusive boutique hotel in Ibiza, where we want to offer the very best, yes, without a doubt.


Q: What do you consider essential when receiving guests?

R: The rigorous smile, of course, but with this type of job, everything has to be done with warmth. It’s an essential part of luxury concierge services.


Q: Which is the biggest advantage of being a hotel concierge?

A: To be able to interact with the guests in a more personal manner. It is clearly the best way to meet their needs with higher precision, because we get to know them in some way.