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Beach bars in Ibiza you simply cannot miss

When summer is just around the corner, we tend to take more care of ourselves in order to look perfect during the holidays. But, what happens while we are on holiday?

Many people continue taking care of themselves when the holidays begin, and they continue doing exercise in summer, and, when faced with the decision of choosing an accommodation, they opt for hotels with gym.

Its beaches, its treks, the routes around it… Santa Eulalia is the perfect place for taking care of yourself in summer while also enjoying your holidays.

Here are some tips you should take into account to take care of yourself while on holiday:


What to eat in summer


Due to the changes in your timetable and routine, summer nutrition can vary wildly. To** take care of your body during the holidays** it’s important to follow a light and varied diet that’s rich in fruit and vegetables. A Detox diet is the best option to take care of your body both on the inside and on the outside.

Don’t forget to stay well hydrated; for that, we suggest you constantly drink water or refreshing drinks.


Follow a sports routine


Doing exercise in summer should be a must in your daily routine if you want to take care of your body.

At Aguas de Ibiza we care about your well-being, and that is why we invite you to our gym in summerso that you can continue your daily exercise routine.

Practicing yoga in summer also helps keep in shape. Lose yourself with a session of yoga on the beachand find true relaxation while taking care of your body and mind.


Take care of your skin


Skin plays an important role when we talk about well-being and taking care of ourselves. We invite you to discover the tips to protect yourself from the sun that we offered in previous posts and follow the steps to have a beautiful skin.

Disconnecting from day to day life and relaxing are also essential if you want to take care of yourself during the holidays. Relaxing in a spa hotel in Santa Eulalia thus becomes the perfect plan for taking care of yourself both physically and psychologically.

If you want to look perfect all year round you have to take these tips into account and continue with your beauty routine even during the holidays. At the hotel Aguas de Ibiza we care about your health, and that is why we offer you a wide range of activities, summer spa specials and, of course, our facilities, so that you can keep taking care of yourself during your stay. Visit us and let us take care of you!