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What retreat should I choose for my next holiday?

Sometimes you come back from holidays feeling more tired than you left. Have you ever thought about enjoying a holiday truly focused on you? If you like the idea, keep reading because we’re going to describe your ideal holiday with this year’s health and wellness programme.

What do health and wellness programs include?


Tips for radiant skin in summer

Summer´s here and we want you to enjoy your upcoming holiday to the max. Would you like to learn how to prepare your skin for the summer sun? We´ll tell you how to improve the appearance and the health of the largest organ in your body, your skin.


Wellness Program, A Gift For These Special Dates

Improving our physical shape, improving our life habits and, why not, avoiding a great many unnecessary visits to the doctor are some of the objectives of a wellness plan.


Skin care for after summer

Although we’ve been able to enjoy the sun during the months of September and October, summer has finally come to an end and it is time to say goodbye to long sunlight hours.


Take care of yourself while on holiday

When summer is just around the corner, we tend to take more care of ourselves in order to look perfect during the holidays. But, what happens while we are on holiday?


The best gifts for brides, when they’re your best friend

Your best friend is getting married and you want to give her something special but you can’t think of anything that will make her feel that way. There are a lot of original wedding gifts out there but you’re looking for that unforgettable one.


Operation detox: mind and body balance

Summer is right around the corner and many are already planning to start a diet and purify the body to look stunning in the upcoming season.