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What retreat should I choose for my next holiday?

Sometimes you come back from holidays feeling more tired than you left. Have you ever thought about enjoying a holiday truly focused on you? If you like the idea, keep reading because we’re going to describe your ideal holiday with this year’s health and wellness programme.

What do health and wellness programs include?


Perfect plans in Ibiza; dine with a spectacular sunset

The day always starts and ends in a special way and these beautiful moments are priceless. If you are passionate about sunrise and sunset, in Ibiza you’re in luck!


The best fish restaurants in Ibiza

There’s an abundance of seafood restaurants in Ibiza. The quality of the fish on the island of Ibiza is exceptional, so, if you fancy eating some fish and seafood, you’re definitely in the perfect place.


Boat Trips from Ibiza to Formentera

If you’re in Ibiza, you’ve got the paradise island of Formentera just half an hour away by ferry. That’s the perfect excuse to get to know the island of Formentera, one of the gems of the Mediterranean Sea.


Re-opening of Vi Cool restaurant in Ibiza

The rooftop terrace at Hotel Aguas de Ibiza is becoming one of the best luxury restaurants in Ibiza for yet another year, offering up a special place in Santa Eulalia where you can enjoy food by chef Sergi Arola.


Ibiza’s cellers - the best traditional cuisine

Tasting authentic traditional Ibizan cuisine while also savoring a delicious local wine is something you can only do in some of the island’s cellers (“wineries”).


5 cafes in Ibiza in which to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee

To appreciate the delicate but invigorating flavor of coffee while contemplating one of the most wonderful landscapes of the Mediterranean sounds like the perfect plan if you love those good old toasted beans: spending an afternoon at a small cafe in Ibiza.


Ibizan salt, a Mediterranean spectacle

In the warm sunshine and with the sea awaiting, you can find the white gold of the Mediterranean, Ibiza salt, shining.


Ibiza wineries: pleasures for the palate

Among the many secrets harboured by the island of Ibiza, there is one capable of conquering the palates of even the most demanding: its wines.


Interview with Sergi Arola, innovation for the palate

Born in Barcelona in 1968, Sergi Arola is one of our country’s most innovative chefs.


Vi Cool terrace, an unforgettable event

Can you imagine a space from which to contemplate the Ibizan nights with the best sea views while enjoying the cuisine of one of the very best chefs? On the Vi Cool terrace of the hotel Aguas de Ibiza it is possible.


Delights from the sea and for your palate

When we choose a vacation destination the hotel we stay in is important but other factors also make a difference when deciding between one place and another, gastronomy is one of those factors.


5 restaurants for 5 occasions

Ibiza offers a spectacular and highly varied gastronomy that adapts to all palates and situations. Today we present you with our own selection of restaurants in which to eat or dine in Ibiza on special occasions.