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Perfect plans in Ibiza; dine with a spectacular sunset

The day always starts and ends in a special way and these beautiful moments are priceless. If you are passionate about sunrise and sunset, in Ibiza you’re in luck!


Ibiza paradisiacal beaches to daydream about

January is the time of year when we spend the most time dreaming about the summer holidays. Our subconscious takes us to the beaches on the southern coast of Europe, whilst we dream of spending the day in the sun on a paradisiacal beach, or strolling along the coast at sunset. These summer pleasures can be enjoyed in Ibiza, a unique destination.


The best cocktail bars in Ibiza

Ibiza at night offers a gamut of possibilities. There are countless charming bars in Ibiza where you can enjoy the best cocktails.


Ibiza Winter markets

As you already know, Ibiza is an island with a clear hippy heritage, something which is evident in its markets. The best of these famous hippy street markets in Ibiza close at the end of October, but some of them stay open year round.


Ibiza is a destination you can enjoy all year round

The north-eastern part of the island isn’t only one of the most beautiful in Ibiza, it’s also the only place we’ll find a real river. This natural watercourse in Ibiza starts around 15km upstream from Santa Eulalia, with it flowing into the sea at the town. If you stay at our charming boutique hotel in Santa Eulalia, it’s definitely must-see.


In Santa Eulalia you’ll find the only river in the Balearic Islands

The north-eastern part of the island isn’t only one of the most beautiful in Ibiza, it’s also the only place we’ll find a real river. This natural watercourse in Ibiza starts around 15km upstream from Santa Eulalia, with it flowing into the sea at the town. If you stay at our charming boutique hotel in Santa Eulalia, it’s definitely must-see.


The wonders of horse riding in nature

If you feel like doing something different, we suggest a horseback route along some of the beautiful paths that crisscross the island of Ibiza. Imagine horse riding on the beach or through the forest.


The best fish restaurants in Ibiza

There’s an abundance of seafood restaurants in Ibiza. The quality of the fish on the island of Ibiza is exceptional, so, if you fancy eating some fish and seafood, you’re definitely in the perfect place.


5 essential places to see in Ibiza

There’s an endless number of places to visit in Ibiza and the island has plenty of different attractions for you to enjoy. We’ve chosen some places of interest in Ibiza: a beach, a monument, a town, a hill and a lighthouse.


Luxury stag and hen dos in Ibiza

Celebrating the “last night of freedom” is a very special occasion; one that you will never forget and that deserves to be celebrated in style. To make sure you have a glamorous and luxury hen party, there are two things that you cannot go without; your best friends and something that will really make your day unique.


Adlib fashion, “wear what you want, but do it with style”

“Ad Libitum” is an expression that when translated into English, means “with freedom”. This is exactly what Ibiza’s Moda Adlib is about: dressing with freedom.


Discover a different Ibiza through its underground world

There are some incredible places hiding beneath the island’s surface. As we don’t want you to miss out on anything that’s worth seeing, we’ll tell you about the best caves to visit in Ibiza.


Boat Trips from Ibiza to Formentera

If you’re in Ibiza, you’ve got the paradise island of Formentera just half an hour away by ferry. That’s the perfect excuse to get to know the island of Formentera, one of the gems of the Mediterranean Sea.


Re-opening of Vi Cool restaurant in Ibiza

The rooftop terrace at Hotel Aguas de Ibiza is becoming one of the best luxury restaurants in Ibiza for yet another year, offering up a special place in Santa Eulalia where you can enjoy food by chef Sergi Arola.


Tips for organising a wedding in Ibiza

You go through many feelings and emotions when you decide to get married. Breathe deeply, exhale and let everything flow when organizing your wedding: get inspired on Pinterest, let your friends, family or your wedding planner guide you, but above all, enjoy it!


Tips for radiant skin in summer

Summer´s here and we want you to enjoy your upcoming holiday to the max. Would you like to learn how to prepare your skin for the summer sun? We´ll tell you how to improve the appearance and the health of the largest organ in your body, your skin.


Ibiza's museums: Discover its culture!

If you´re thinking about travelling to fabulous Ibiza and don´t know what to do, don´t worry; you´ve got a wide variety of activities from the idyllic beaches which you can find dotted around the island, to the classiest discos and nightclubs.


Take a special souvenir from Ibiza back with you

Ibiza is without a doubt one of the most fascinating islands you can visit. A special magic surrounds this natural setting that combines the immeasurable beauty of its turquoise beaches with nature in its purest state.


Hot Air Balloon Ride, Ibiza from the Sky

Enjoy the sensation of flying, of blowing across Ibiza with the air while you look out over one of the most extraordinary views you can get on the island. That experience can only be had on a hot air balloon ride in Ibiza.


Going out in the best ports of Ibiza

The breeze caressing the sea, the atmosphere, the variety… Many are those who choose to go out in the ports of Ibiza to enjoy the Ibizan nightlife.


5 cafes in Ibiza in which to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee

To appreciate the delicate but invigorating flavor of coffee while contemplating one of the most wonderful landscapes of the Mediterranean sounds like the perfect plan if you love those good old toasted beans: spending an afternoon at a small cafe in Ibiza.


Travel packing tips for your trip to Ibiza

Travelling to Ibiza is one of the best pleasures you can indulge in, but we have to admit that knowing how to pack luggage for a trip is one of the most boring obligations of travel.


Ibizan salt, a Mediterranean spectacle

In the warm sunshine and with the sea awaiting, you can find the white gold of the Mediterranean, Ibiza salt, shining.


Ibiza wineries: pleasures for the palate

Among the many secrets harboured by the island of Ibiza, there is one capable of conquering the palates of even the most demanding: its wines.


Typical Ibizan desserts you have to try

Ibiza is much more than beaches and disconnection; gastronomy in Ibiza also plays a fundamental role and has recently peaked touristic interest.


Christmas in Ibiza, a plan for the holidays

The streets are filled with light, Christmas decorations cover the shop windows and the trees take center stage. This is Christmas in Ibiza. A whiter Ibiza with more light than ever.


Top 5 fashion shops you simply cannot miss in Ibiza

Fashion and luxury are two words that go hand in hand when referring to Ibiza, for if there is one thing this island can boast of, it is a wide variety of fashion store options.


New season, new autumn flavours in Ibiza

The change of weather and season also bring change to the autumn flavors of Ibiza.


Ibiza in autumn, a season to discover

There is no doubt that Ibiza is known for its crystal-clear beaches, summer nights and great weather.


5 Restaurants with a view of the sea in Ibiza

There’s a very wide-range of gastronomy options in Ibiza, but without a doubt, being an island, what we want is to be able to enjoy that gastronomy while looking out at the sea.


Route through the markets of Ibiza

Apart from idyllic sunsets, magical nights and paradisiacal landscapes, the island can also boast of a highly attractive tourist attraction: the hippy markets in ibiza.


Santa Eulalia by night, what to do

When nighttime permeates the streets, atmosphere and sights of Santa Eulalia, Ibiza, it creates one of the most special moments you can live if you travel to the white island.


Beach bars in Ibiza you simply cannot miss

Surrounded by crystal-clear waters and the best Ibiza atmosphere are some of the very best beach bars you can find in Ibiza.


Take care of yourself while on holiday

When summer is just around the corner, we tend to take more care of ourselves in order to look perfect during the holidays. But, what happens while we are on holiday?


Viewpoints of Ibiza, the best views on the island

To contemplate a sunset, relax while watching the sea or observe the Ibiza views are some of the satisfactions we obtain from going to a viewpoint in Ibiza, the perfect place for disconnecting and enjoying the landscape.


Tips for protecting yourself from the sun

Taking care of your skin in summer is something you need to keep in mind if you want to show off great tanned skin. But… Do you protect yourself from the sun properly?


The Nature Reserve of Es Vendrà, es Vedranell and els illots de Ponent

Being only a few days away from the onset of summer, the moment has arrived to live and enjoy Ibiza in its true form, an Ibiza where its landscape becomes a showcase for many tourists.


5 things that make Ibiza a special destination

There are many reasons that Ibiza has become a unique destination for enjoying a special holiday.


The best coves of Ibiza to visit by boat

If we had to highlight just one thing about Ibiza it would have to be its coves, with their crystal-clear waters and idyllic locations you can enjoy by simply dropping anchor in them or by going on Ibiza boat trips.


Santa Eulalia, charming walks

In the morning, when the sun isn’t yet that bright, or even in the afternoon while it is still shining, any moment is a good moment for discovering walking routes in Ibiza.

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Delights from the sea and for your palate

When we choose a vacation destination the hotel we stay in is important but other factors also make a difference when deciding between one place and another, gastronomy is one of those factors.


The best gifts for brides, when they’re your best friend

Your best friend is getting married and you want to give her something special but you can’t think of anything that will make her feel that way. There are a lot of original wedding gifts out there but you’re looking for that unforgettable one.


Cycling routes in Santa Eulalia

Getting to know Ibiza by cycling is one of the activities you can’t afford miss if you’re coming to the island.


Business tourism in Ibiza - why not?

We are used to hearing that Ibiza is one of the most important holiday destinations. Perfectly connected by air and by sea with Mallorca, the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe, our island also offers endless possibilities for all those who are looking for a unique destination for business tourism.


Santa Eulalia, close to it all

Santa Eulalia is much more than a holiday destination. It’s a place to relax and get away from it all, whether with a family or a partner. It’s a quiet town and perfect for people looking to stay at a hotel in Santa Eulalia close to everything and without having to travel around a lot.