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What retreat should I choose for my next holiday?

Sometimes you come back from holidays feeling more tired than you left. Have you ever thought about enjoying a holiday truly focused on you? If you like the idea, keep reading because we’re going to describe your ideal holiday with this year’s health and wellness programme.

What do health and wellness programs include?


Boat Trips from Ibiza to Formentera

If you’re in Ibiza, you’ve got the paradise island of Formentera just half an hour away by ferry. That’s the perfect excuse to get to know the island of Formentera, one of the gems of the Mediterranean Sea.


Re-opening of Vi Cool restaurant in Ibiza

The rooftop terrace at Hotel Aguas de Ibiza is becoming one of the best luxury restaurants in Ibiza for yet another year, offering up a special place in Santa Eulalia where you can enjoy food by chef Sergi Arola.


Tips for organising a wedding in Ibiza

You go through many feelings and emotions when you decide to get married. Breathe deeply, exhale and let everything flow when organizing your wedding: get inspired on Pinterest, let your friends, family or your wedding planner guide you, but above all, enjoy it!


5 cafes in Ibiza in which to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee

To appreciate the delicate but invigorating flavor of coffee while contemplating one of the most wonderful landscapes of the Mediterranean sounds like the perfect plan if you love those good old toasted beans: spending an afternoon at a small cafe in Ibiza.


Travel packing tips for your trip to Ibiza

Travelling to Ibiza is one of the best pleasures you can indulge in, but we have to admit that knowing how to pack luggage for a trip is one of the most boring obligations of travel.


Wellness Program, A Gift For These Special Dates

Improving our physical shape, improving our life habits and, why not, avoiding a great many unnecessary visits to the doctor are some of the objectives of a wellness plan.


How to organize the perfect corporate dinner

Countless corporate events take place during this time of the year in Ibiza, and many companies get together to celebrate their closing for the end of the season or Christmas.


Ibiza in autumn, a season to discover

There is no doubt that Ibiza is known for its crystal-clear beaches, summer nights and great weather.


Skin care for after summer

Although we’ve been able to enjoy the sun during the months of September and October, summer has finally come to an end and it is time to say goodbye to long sunlight hours.


Interview with the Concierge of Aguas de Ibiza

The illusion of feeling at home or that you aren’t missing a single detail during your stay are part of the answer to the question what does concierge mean.


Interview with Sergi Arola, innovation for the palate

Born in Barcelona in 1968, Sergi Arola is one of our country’s most innovative chefs.


Take care of yourself while on holiday

When summer is just around the corner, we tend to take more care of ourselves in order to look perfect during the holidays. But, what happens while we are on holiday?


Operation detox: mind and body balance

Summer is right around the corner and many are already planning to start a diet and purify the body to look stunning in the upcoming season.


Hotel Concierge service, or how to make your dreams come true

We all remember how it felt to open Christmas presents, when we really believed that a magical man had brought us all we wanted and that our dreams could really come true. This is precisely what you should expect from good VIP concierge services.


How to choose a dream hotel in Ibiza

The decoration, the location, the environment… it all counts when choosing a charming hotel. Many are the factors that we have to take into account when deciding where to stay, be it while on holiday or for a brief escapade.